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Hi-Tech disinfection at athletes' service means High-performance disinfection for high-performance athletes!

Germs have their own strategy for winning the gold  medal!

  • They are invisible to the naked eye.

  • They can survive on surfaces for hours, days and even weeks!

  • They like it when you socialize.

  • They love people who underrate them and believe they have a super-strong immune system.

Surface Secure Protocol




Cleaning surfaces is very important, it is the preliminary step to effective disinfection.

A. High Touch surfaces are disinfected four times a day. This keeps germ levels to a minimum.


B. Air purifier: Germs remain suspended in air after a sneeze or cough. This is why the air you breathe will be permanently filtered to ensure that no more germs are circulating.

Surface protection: AEGIS antimicrobial surface treatment has been applied to common area surfaces prior to your arrival.


State-of-the-art monitoring to assess disinfection performance.

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Surface Disinfection

Disinfection is the process of inactivating large numbers of microorganisms on surfaces. What's important in disinfection is choosing the right product, ensuring the correct dwell time and using the right method to apply the disinfectant to the surface.


Proaxion chose a high-performance product, Oxivir® TB, and the use of electrostatic spraying to cover large surfaces in a short timespan. In addition, an in-depth analysis was carried out to determine which surfaces should be disinfected.


Only those objects that pose the greatest risk to the athletes and their entourage should be disinfected. This is what we call contact zone disinfection.

Air Purifiers

Although less common, infections can also be caught through the air.

People can cough or sneeze, or simply sputter as they speak, releasing germs into the air.


Never one to shy away from precautions to protect athletes, the COC has decided to provide air purifiers in several critical rooms such as the Medical Clinic, Meeting rooms and the Operations office.

Potential airborne germs will be eliminated by filtration through an air purifier combining four technologies: a pre-filter, a carbon filter, air disinfection using UV rays and, finally, a HEPA filter (a highly efficient filter).

Photo 2021-07-23, 2 34 28 PM.jpg

Continuous Protection with Self-Disinfecting Surfaces

Application of AEGIS self-disinfecting treatment to common area surfaces.

Since COVID-19, effecient innovative products and new concepts in disinfection have emerged, and Proaxion keeps up with the highest levels of disinfection performance.

Before you arrived, all common areas and your rooms were treated with an invisible, self-disinfecting film called AEGIS. It's a new concept in continuous disinfection that coats surfaces with a product that continuously self-disinfects to protect you from germs that could spoil your performance.

Why add a self-disinfecting coating if surfaces are cleaned?

The clean appearance of an object does not indicate the quantity of potentially pathogenic bacteria and viruses present on the surface. Although cleanliness is the first requirement for a germ-free surface, it does not guarantee the absence of germs.

Advanced Monitoring (ATP measurement) for Accurate  Detection

Even though everybody understands the importance of hygiene since COVID-19, having a program for monitoring the presence of germs on certain surfaces is really very important.


These are performance indicators for the products and techniques used, but also a check on the quality of the protection offered to athletes and those around them.

To this end, ATP tests will be carried out on a regular basis.

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