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Deux inspecteur en agroalimentaire travaillant sur un projet d'amélioration continue

Continuous Improvement

The food industry is highly regulated. Regulatory compliance remains a constant concern for the entire industry. Consolidation of efforts and investments inevitably involves inspection and evaluation procedures which make it possible to maintain the highest standards and full compliance.


The implementation of analysis systems specific to its industry, its environment, its organizational structure, must be considered to become perfectly integrated into operations and become a lever for development. The continuous improvement strategy must include a constant review of the operating parameters and the procedures to remain compliant with the regulatory and competitive.

At this point, the contribution of a third party has certain advantages. Impartiality makes it easier to challenge entrenched habits or to identify situations that go unnoticed by employees or managers. 

As such, our qualified auditors intervene at several levels, depending on the mandate entrusted or the scope of the project.

Site Audit

Deux inspecteur en agroalimentaire travaillant sur un projet d'amélioration continue


To perform the audits, ValkarTech uses a state-of-the-art IT solution that extracts as much information as possible from the data collected.

For each audit, a detailed report of operations is generated in which the observation results are summarized so as to show the most accurate possible portrait of each situation. All non-conformities that are detected are accompanied by solutions or recommendations to correct the situation and corrective follow-up is immediately planned.

Master Validation Plan Redaction

Audit agroalimentaire


A valid audit is an audit that incorporates all the standards, regulations and laws that frame and govern the process that is being assessed. It is important to define precise evaluation criteria and above all to measure objectively in order to obtain measurable and comparable results.


ValkarTech has the IT expertise to develop personalized solutions that adapt to any environment and that provide conclusive data according to your guidelines.

Process Optimization

Machinerie agroalimentaire


To remain competitive and efficient, it is imperative to constantly seek process optimization.  Through their diversified experiences and well-established networks, ValkarTech's consultants represent a major benefit for the customer.

The sharing of knowledge, the harnessing of science and new technologies contribute to the search for and application of creative and innovative solutions.

Technological Watch

Technicien en agroalimentaire


Any agri-food business must absolutely remain in contact with the industry on a permanent basis. Beyond compliance and food safety considerations, several elements external to operations can influence, motivate or guide a direction and have direct consequences on performance. The ValkarTech team brings together microbiologists, biologists, agronomists, engineers, technologists ad food precessing specialists who are on the lookout for innovations and their various mandates position them as privileged witnesses of the advantages or repercussions of the implementation of a new method or technology on the operations. Our experts can carry out exhaustive analyzes to advise you and maximize your investments.

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