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Abderrasak Mokraoui

Programmer and developer

Phone : 514-357-4812


Abderrazak is passionate about innovation and technology and is currently pursuing his studies in Software Engineering. During his college studies in Computer Science, he honed his technical skills through research and by taking part in groundbreaking AI and IoT projects. His team won the student relief category at OCTAS 2023, with a smart city project* incorporating autonomous cars, adaptive traffic lights and innovative parking solutions. He also collaborated with Cuisine Collective Hochelaga Maisonneuve on a connected greenhouse project, using AI to detect plant diseases.

On the strength of his experience, Abderrazak possesses excellent communication and problem-solving skills. He quickly became part of the ValkarTech IT team, with whom he collaborates with great interest in improving our existing solutions and driving R&D on our various Smart Cleaning innovation projects.

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