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Investing in custodial training improves way more than just your sanitation department

At this time, all work environments are critical areas due to the pandemic. Housekeepers have a direct responsibility for the safety of the premises, and it must be recognized that their work is of utmost importance. It is the responsibility of managers to ensure the professionalism and thoroughness of their frontline teams. Some managers mistakenly postpone training their custodial crews because right now the priority is to focus on field operations. But now is the time to upgrade knowledge to get everyone on the right track, ensure that the highest industry standards are met, and teach them how to properly use the new equipment and chemicals that have been added to your protocols.

The return on investment of a training session is very advantageous because the long-term benefits are felt on many levels, and many people are benefiting. Not only is the overall quality of the cleaning service directly improved, but the level of satisfaction of the users or tenants of the premises is higher. When the government will finally announce the end of the lockdown and allow the return to offices, it will be important to meet the expectations and requirements of the building’s occupants in order to reduce their concerns and reassure them.

Providing well-targeted training to your employees also helps demonstrate the importance you attribute to their role and is a good way to show your appreciation for their work. An employee who perceives this recognition is much more committed, more motivated and participates actively and positively in the accomplishment of tasks and in the improvement of practices in general.

The importance of offering a specific training plan for housekeeping employees has always been prioritized at ValkarTech. In addition to training in basic janitorial techniques, many other relevant topics have been developed by our experts and are delivered by our experienced trainers. This can be training for custodial teams or building managers. How to conduct internal audits? How to establish effective work routes? How to develop and update an emergency response plan? You can even offer training on ergonomics to properly adapt posture and movements when learning to handle new equipment.

At ValkarTech, all of our training courses are designed according to the latest industry trends and meet the standards set by internationally recognized authorities. All training is approved by our Training Director, who recently obtained the Healthy Hospital Environmental Services certification issued by the IEHA, attesting to her expertise in the integrated management of cleaning in health care facilities, but more importantly, demonstrating her determination to support and equip our clients to the best of her ability so that they can face and remedy a pandemic, or any other epidemiological situation, and ensure clean and safe premises.

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