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Unleashing internal excellence

Whether it is taking charge, advice or simply offering training, the Gestion HB specialists will be able to offer you the best practices resulting from the experience and strength of its group of experts.

You can no longer keep up because of the overburdened maintenance department, staffing shortages and sick days while the area manager handles the paperwork: this is how Gestion HB can help you.


  • Implementation of best practices in health, laboratory or clean room

    • Protocol

    • Process

    • Performance

    • Time and motion analysis

    • Design of computer work routes

  • Certified auditor

  • Coach or advisor

  • Assessment of the main practice

  • Skills assessment

  • Infection prevention and control

  • Risk management

  • Taking charge of your department (coordinator, department head, sector head)

  • Technical training:

o    Knowledge of basic hygiene

o    The concept of disinfection and good practices

o    How to recognize a risk area and its impact on        occupants or patients

o    Simdut

o    How to become an internal auditor and related tools

o    Hygiene of tactile and critical surfaces for the prevention and control of infections

o    Hygiene monitoring at all times

Infirmière dans un hopital

The hygiene and cleanliness sector is constantly developing due to the continual change in new accessories, products and techniques, which are safer and more effective. The environment and cleanliness have become major concerns of our society and are components that shape the image of a health center, a clinic, a seniors' center or a clean room.

Today, maintaining and protecting its premises and work tools regularly is essential for everyone, but it is also a real job that requires knowledge and appropriate methods.

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