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Derek Oliveira

Derek Oliveira

Senior Director

Derek Oliveira has been in the housekeeping business for 20 years. His sense of innovation, resourcefulness and efficiency quickly earned him major mandates, first as supervisor and then director. Over time, he has successfully managed the hygiene and sanitation of important buildings for several large companies from various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, office towers, transport.

Derek holds several important and highly regarded industry certifications:

Industry Cleaning Expert Management Standard, by CIMS

Certified Professional Trainer, by ISSA

Green Building Assessor, by ISSA-CIMS

Certified Workloading Specialist, by CMI-ISSA

Accredited Auditing Professional, by CMI-ISSA

ValkarTech is therefore the only housekeeping consulting firm in Quebec to have these renowned certifications.

Senior Director at ValkarTech, Derek Oliveira specializes in quality control and as a certified auditor by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité he audits several buildings from various industries every week. Offering innovative solutions focused on performance and quality, he delivers results that exceed the expectations of its customers.

Derek Oliveira




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