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Maria Albornoz, Ing.

Maria Albornoz, Ing.

Regulatory and Environmental Advisor

Maria Albornoz completed her university studies in Grenoble, France, to become an engineer in printing and packaging. She has 24 years of experience in the chemical industry, particularly in the paper and graphic. Member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec since 2011, Maria obtained a specialization in energy efficiency at UQTR in 2019.

Maria started her professional career as an entrepreneur in Chile, her native country, to then hold jobs in several industries and for various companies in Quebec. For the past 6 years, her work experience in the paint and sanitary products industries has led her on the path of Canadian, North American, and European regulations. She is involved in projects dealing with export, environmental compliance, toxicity assessment and transportation of hazardous materials.

Her involvement and commitment to the improvement of practices and processes allows her to interact with all stakeholders at the local, municipal, regional, provincial, national, and international levels. Her expertise is especially appreciated with Health Canada-approved disinfectants and Ecologo-certified ecological products.

Maria's trilingualism allows her to easily establish professional relationships around the world. Her broad vision and rigor have made her a collaborator who enjoys taking on innovative challenges and bringing projects to a successful conclusion.

Maria Albornoz, Ing.




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