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Martin Michaud M.Sc.

Martin Michaud M.Sc.

Biochemist, Professional chemist

With a 30-year experience in the food industry, in industrial and research laboratories, Martin Michaud has developed a very diversified expertise. His international work has allowed him to become familiar with the best processes and ways of doing things around the world while sharpening his practical sense. This made him very resourceful in proposing realistic solutions.

Aiming for efficiency and the achievement of his clients' objectives, he considers what they have already put forward to lead them further. The development of simple and easy-to-use programs is part of his portfolio, such as process optimization, by-product, and waste recovery, while complying with regulatory requirements. The use of production data and complaints are also part of the means he uses to maximize process efficiency and reduce costs.

His in-depth knowledge of regulatory affairs and international standards enables his clients to simplify import-export operations and to take advantage of public data, including "big data", to achieve savings and remain in compliance with regulatory requirements and other international standards.

He has worked in several countries with numerous government and industrial laboratories (food, biotech, mining, etc.), as well as hospitals on hazardous materials management, operational safety and crisis management related to hazardous materials.

Martin Michaud M.Sc.




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