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ValkarTech offers MAPAQ food hygiene and safety training for food handlers and managers. These training courses are compulsory and regulated for any Quebec company working in the processing and sale of food. The concepts covered include food safety, laws, regulations and inspection, foods that pose a risk, hygiene of employees and visitors, proper maintenance of facilities and equipment, raw material purchase, reception and storage, food preparation and safe service (time & temperature), cross-contamination, surface sanitation, waste and pest management and the HACCP food safety.

In addition to MAPAQ's training, ValkarTech's training department includes an impressive range of training courses covering hygiene and sanitation, occupational health and safety, microbiology and food science. These training courses are aimed at both production employees and managers. The aspect of hygiene and sanitation is of critical importance at all levels of the food processing process. This is something that can have a direct impact on the health of your employees and customers. Recognizing the right methods for performing cleaning and sanitation operations, understanding the concepts of risk assessment and setting oneself to the highest standards in the industry, are an undeniable advantage.

All training is approved by our Training Director, microbiologist, who is dedicated to designing personalized training programs that meet your needs.

• Occupational Health and Safety
• Good practices in food processing (MAPAQ training)
• Field validation vs regulation
• Good sanitation practices
• Continuous training (for managers)
• Mentoring coaching

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