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Ordinateur et rapport sur un bureau


Few businesses can grow without the advice and experience of a mentor. Most use a mentor to gain stability and skills needed for this growth. For business leaders who want to accelerate this process, mentoring remains an excellent resource to help them mobilize, engage and prepare their work routes with more clarity and relevance. As markets become increasingly competitive and complex, ValkarTech offers its expertise in hygiene and sanitation as well as a wide range of solutions and tools to guide business leaders.

The success of management mentoring in hygiene and sanitation is measured by the results achieved in relation to the objectives set, the transformations carried out, the degree of energy, the awareness, the changes of behavior and habits and even by the reaction of others to us. Mentoring then has its raison d'être in accompanying its client through the foreseeable steps of readjustment, feedback, discouragement and joy that characterize the implementation of an action plan and the completion of a project.

Mentoring is the key to your company's success, as it responds to organizational challenges in the face of ever-increasing constraints. The implementation of an efficient mentorship program, such as ValkarTech offers to its clients, will allow you to:

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  • Ensure a transfer of kills to your internal team

  • To be in a better position to make future decisions

  • To have accurate control over the hygiene and sanitation team in real time

  • To benefit from our similar experiences

  • Assist in the formation of teams

  • Provide operational advice on business analysis

  • Implement an action plan based on a complete diagnosis

  • Study the specific needs of the client and the actual capacity of the service

  • Implement work routes

  • Structure periodic, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks

  • Produce reports to identify gaps and inadequacies

  • Carry out follow-up and implementation of recommendations on corrective measures and necessary new adaptations

The reputation of ValkarTech has been built on maintaining a long-term relationship with its clients, based on a thorough knowledge of their business lines, objectives and consulting services.

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