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Agent de sécurité


In most institutions, the work involved in prevention and safety monitoring is often delayed because of a lack of time, an overwhelming daily management and the lack of an internal resource dedicated to it.

ValkarTech supports facility managers who wish to ensure that prevention and safety are at the heart of their concern, enabling their serviced population to live in safe places that respect the various laws and standards that govern them.



  • The design of tender documents

  • Developing and/or updating the composition of emergency teams

  • Training of emergency teams

  • Preparation and supervision of the practical exercises of the emergency measures plan related to training

  • Revision and enhancement of security documents

  • Developing and drafting appropriate emergency measures or revising your ERP

  • Support of all safety equipment (sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire panel, etc.) for inspection and compliance

  • Support for the Simdut file

  • Simdut trainings

  • Access to an external resource for prevention and safety management in the short or long term

  • The development of a project for the pooling of security services between several institutions

  • The development and design of the safety rounds and a system for monitoring the rounds in real time

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