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I-keybox intelligent key management

I-KeyBox is a simple, efficient, and cost-effective standalone key management system. It combines innovative technology and robust design to provide smart buildings with the advanced management of 26 - 250 keys in an affordable plug-and-play unit. Biometric Fingerprint and Face recognition provides fast yet secure access options to enhance security. This series does not support the expansion of the number of keys in a single cabinet.

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Are you always aware of where all your keys are?


All the data will be updated to the cloud server, you can manage the keys 24/7, and no matter what devices you are on.

Security Access

Control access to authorised users only. Finger Print, Face recognition, PIN code,  card reader


The system automatically records the use of the key in real time, providing records and reports.

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Remote Control

You can easily configure the keys with system software and remotely set permission for users. Online control and inquiries help reduce costs and improve efficiency. Authorized users can retrieve and take the keys at any time, which means fewer labor costs and schedule restraints.

Various Model

Depending on the number of keys you manage, we offer different models ranging from 8 to 200 keys.

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With the I-keybox intelligent key management system, you gain better control of your keys and your assets are more protected than ever.

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