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ValkarTech's unique comprehensive janitorial operations management support service is available to building owners and managers in all industries. Traditionally covered by the building’s equipment maintenance department, the management of building hygiene now requires sharp expertise from a specialized firm.

The ValkarTech team is made up of microbiologists, trainers from various fields (health, agri-food, cleanroom, industrial), recovery experts, certified auditors from all over Quebec, and even specialists in the conception and drafting of requests for proposals and bids.

Over the years, we have developed extensive expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the unique reality of the building hygiene field. Our knowledge of the best techniques, the most advanced products and the latest innovative technologies of the industry brings undeniable benefits, such as cost reduction, optimization of human resources, and achieving a level of hygiene that surpasses standards.

Since we only take care of hygiene management, we never have a conflict of interest with maintenance companies. Thus, our clients can keep their usual service providers.

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When asked to correct the hygiene management of a building (increase of costs and / or decrease of the cleanliness), ValkarTech obtains a very high rate of satisfaction of its clients as for the quality of the maintenance, varying between 89% and 96%.


Zoho Desk is web-based help desk software that gives ValkarTech the ability to manage your customer support activities efficiently. Zoho Desk allows us to assign, track and set up alerts on help  desk  tickets easily.

It also allows us to track and manage your customer support in real time. This means we have the ability to manage, distribute and prioritize any help desk tickets created in a matter of seconds,whether it be from a desktop or from a hand held device.
With Zoho Desk, ValkarTech can produce interactive chart-based reports, which will demonstrate the efficiency and help improve your sanitation operations.
Zoho Desk is another integral tool enabling ValkarTech to help you with all of your sanitation and hygiene needs.

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ValkarTech is always looking for new and fresh innovations in order to help improve the cleanliness of your buildings. Which is why we have developed this innovative tool that allows you to receive in real time your tenants and visitors' comments in regard to the level of cleanliness. We can then use these comments to address any exisiting issues and improve the overall quality.

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