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Serge Rioux

Founder and CEO

Phone : 514-357-4812


Founder and CEO of ValkarTech, formerly known as GestionHB, Serge Rioux has been immersed in the business world for over 30 years, with 20 years dedicated to building hygiene and cleanliness management. His comprehensive expertise in the industry and innate business acumen make him a trusted advisor to organizations seeking to optimize their processes related to building maintenance.

Throughout his career, he has successfully executed diverse mandates in building hygiene management, ranging from auditing to staff training and mentoring of managers, to the restructuring of entire housekeeping departments. With a knack for surrounding himself with the most qualified experts, he has led large-scale projects across various industries, including agri-food, healthcare, clean rooms, and industrial facilities.

Serge Rioux possesses a pragmatic vision of management, grounded in continuous improvement, innovation, and logic. His greatest strength lies in identifying problems, devising effective solutions, and making them accessible to drive evolution in the building hygiene industry. He has developed more efficient working tools, customized IT systems for the field, and innovative management techniques. Additionally, he has designed several targeted training programs for managers and cleaning staff.

As a pioneer in building hygiene management in Quebec, he is notably responsible for the province's first green building and is frequently sought after for his unique perspective. His company is the exclusive representative of ISSA throughout Quebec and is accredited to deliver certified training programs endorsed by the association, which serves as the global reference in the industry.

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