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Sergio Filippi


Phone : 514-357-4812


To avoid damaging or destroying prematurely certain coatings or furniture whose renovation represents a large investment, it is very important to master the best techniques in housekeeping as well as the appropriate products.

For several years now, Sergio Filippi has been interested in the cutting edge solutions proposed by science to preserve and extend the life of architectural finishes that are subject to the wear and tear of time and the elements. The protection and upgrading of the various materials that make up buildings no longer holds any secrets for this expert with a passion for nanotechnology and the application of surface coatings.

As proof, he holds various training courses, attestations and certifications on materials, their properties and the various protection techniques and solutions, which he has obtained from specialized institutions from both North America and Europe.

Sergio Filippi acts as a consultant for ValkarTech to promote the benefits of liquid nanocoatings to our customers and to suggest the best solutions for their environment. With his sound advice and extensive knowledge, he can help you avoid unnecessary expenses in the renovation or replacement of your concrete, granite, stainless steel or glass surfaces.

Whether it is for the application of an antibacterial coating, to protect a new construction, to improve the appearance or to recover the finish of your structures, nanotechnology can be your ally.

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