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Outbreak Management Assistance

Procedures Validation 

Do frequent nosocomial outbreaks make you question your Hygiene and Sanitation Department? Our specialists are in a position to help you identify the causes of certain outbreaks and to modify your methods to eliminate any risks. For example, in a healthcare facility that was experiencing disinfection deficiencies, we were able to demonstrate that the problem originated from the main dilution station, which was defective.  The employees were following the correct procedures, but because the product was too diluted, the disinfection was ineffective! 

Extensive Disinfection Operations Supervision

Large-scale disinfection is common and required during outbreaks. The organization and management of such extensive operations requires well-controlled logistics and the entire mobilization of a manager.    

By taking advantage of our services to organize and validate protocols with your IPAC team and to give all the necessary exclusive attention to the proper management of these large-scale disinfections, you free a manager from a time-consuming task.  At the same time, you benefit from our expertise in performing ATP tests, analyzing the results and issuing an impartial and detailed report on the work performed, along with realistic recommendations.  

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