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Overall Departement Auditing for Service Optimization


A complete report of the state of the Hygiene and Sanitation Department of an establishment makes it possible to target the corrections necessary for the recovery of an unsatisfactory situation and to better program continuous improvement. Our team of experts is available and can help you get an overview of the situation, a different perspective on the department's structure and the quality of the services provided. The references used are those of the Ministry of Health and the CIMS (Cleaning Management Institute Standard), renowned for its rigorous standards. 

What does my hygiene and sanitation department need? What does it lack to provide a service that meets expectations? Where are the problems and how can they be improved?


Work Route Analysis: Time and Motion

Do you want to improve the performance of your Hygiene and Sanitation Department to cover all the work to be carried out? Have you received several complaints of work overload from sanitary maintenance workers? Are your route planning softwares outdated or too difficult to use or you simply do not have the time to redo all your routes through the daily management of your operations?  We have certified specialists in Cleaning Times and Workload Analysis that can help you build well-balanced and easy-to-follow routes.

A well-defined work route will allow you to save costs while making the work of your employees easier.

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