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The Hygiene and Sanitation Department is a key player in the fight against nosocomial infections. However, this department sometimes needs assistance or specialized expertise to intervene and restore some situations. ValkarTech stands out in the management of hygiene and sanitation in this area because of our understanding of the needs and issues involved. Our ability to carry out the mandates entrusted to us with professionalism and rigor has propelled us among the best in the industry. This is why our clients count on us and trust us. 

Our services

We provide a wide variety of services and advice to support healthcare facilities of all sizes. Hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, CLSCs, private practices or clinics, we work in collaboration with your field staff to help you implement best practices or improve your procedures regarding the prevention and control of nosocomial infections.


Our approach is unique, both in our support and in the results of our interventions on your procedures. Contact us today to discover the scope of our services. 

IT Solutions

Improving the monitoring of the performance and work of your Hygiene and Sanitation Department employees is essential...


A comprehensive report on the condition of a facility's Hygiene and Sanitation Department allows for targeted corrections...


It is sometimes difficult to find one's way through the protocols and disinfection products, as there are so many choices. Each environment ...

Quality Control

All hospitals, CHSLDs and other care centers must conduct regular inspections by means of procedure audits...


The role of the Hygiene and Sanitation Department in the health sector is critical.  Continuous training ...

Outbreak Management Assistance

Frequent nosocomial outbreaks make you wonder about your Hygiene and Sanitation Department?

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