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Outils informatiques en santé

IT Solutions

Improving the performance and work monitoring of your Hygiene and Sanitation Department employees is essential and must evolve alongside the ever-changing IT management tools. You will be more efficient and will gain time to perform other tasks, those that really count and that allow you to offer quality care to patients.



Available IT Solutions :


HBlogin is an enhanced computerized registry that, depending on the features you select, can provide additional support to your facility's existing security access system.  It is an advanced software application that you can use to monitor the exact level of traffic in your spaces, in real-time.  It allows you to apply additional support over certain critical area accesses that are restricted, either permanently or on an ad hoc basis, such as during an outbreak in a given area.  Data backup also facilitates the tracking of your staff or even visitors should the need arise.


In a context of rigorous financial and performance monitoring, ValkarTech has implemented a management and activity monitoring tool. Its simplicity can vary depending on the client's needs. Our HBscan is an excellent tool for facility managers and administrators who wish to track the evolution of their maintenance and increase their efficiency.

Flash Control

This application allows us to generate in-depth audit reports that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses in cleaning operations while describing the work flow.  As consultants, this allows us to help you maintain high standards of hygiene and sanitation and ensure that your team is productive and efficient. 

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