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Periodical Cleaning : As Important As Daily Cleaning

Updated: Feb 21

A maintenance worker using a floor polisher to clean and shine a vinyl floor.

Proper cleaning and sanitary maintenance of buildings plays a crucial role in preserving the value of real estate assets. While daily cleaning is essential to ensure optimal use of spaces, the importance of special cleaning work, commonly referred to as periodical cleaning, should not be underestimated. Although less frequent, the latter are just as important, if not essential, for maintaining the cleanliness of premises.

Complementarity of Daily and Periodical Cleaning

Daily janitorial work is based on the application of simple cleaning techniques. Daily cleaning aims to remove visible soiling and preserve the aesthetic appearance of surfaces. However, even with the use of the best products and tools, we simply cannot remove 100% of soiling on a daily basis. Some impurities persist and accumulate over time. Hence the importance of periodical cleaning operations, scheduled on a monthly, bi-annual or annual basis, or as required, to ensure thorough cleaning. These deep cleaning jobs are carried out at specific intervals and target less accessible areas or those more prone to soiling, such as the tops of walls, ceilings, light fixtures, entrance mats and ceramic joints. More effective products and tools are then used, along with work techniques to match each type of soiling.

The Benefits of Periodical Cleaning

1. Maintain Visual Cleanliness:

Periodical cleaning makes a significant contribution to the appearance and general hygiene of a building, and complements daily cleaning.

2. Assets Preservation:

By preventing the build-up of damaging substances such as calcium, and by detecting potential problems at an early stage, this type of special work extends the lifespan of your equipment and the various surface coatings of your facilities. Periodical cleaning minimizes high repair or replacement costs.

3. Cost Optimization:

included in outsourced janitorial contracts, the overall cost of periodical cleaning work is spread over the monthly billing throughout the year. Tracking and validating their execution ensures a better return on investment, thus guaranteeing that you get the services you pay for!

Managing Periodical Cleaning Work

Successful planning of periodical cleaning operations depends on good collaboration between the Building Service Contractor and the Facility Manager. Monitoring periodical cleaning is a task that requires a good understanding of housekeeping services within the building management team. It's not just a matter of following a schedule, but also knowing how to plan and make adjustments based on the real needs of the environment to be cleaned. The use of tools such as spreadsheets or maintenance management software can facilitate this task. Calling in third-party consultants to evaluate and improve the maintenance process is also an effective strategy for guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of this work.


Far from being optional, periodical cleaning work is essential to maintain a healthy, clean environment, extend the life of your facilities, and preserve your organization's image. By adopting sound practices in the management of periodical work, respecting frequencies and ensuring that it is carried out rigorously, it becomes easier to ensure a favourable working environment for all concerned.

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