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A well-defined work route will help save costs while facilitating the work of employees.
ValkarTech’s work routes design service, specific to building maintenance, hygiene, and sanitation allows you not only to improve the efficiency of your teams, but also provides you with important qualitative results enabling you to determine the elements and areas to be covered (weekly work vs. periodic) and the deadlines for completion.


The information systems established by ValkarTech break down the work to be done according to your needs in order to provide you with a precise and structured work route. This system can easily be installed on your electronic tablets or smart phones and can act as a checklist for employees who can then more easily follow the tasks during inspections.

Once completed, these tasks can then be closed through the system and a report can be sent. Its software can also analyze the time and movements to ensure that the employees have the necessary time to execute their work route.

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Derek Oliveira, our Senior Director, holds the Workloading Specialist Certification, issued by the Cleaning Management Institute, a division of ISSA.

This certification recognizes that Derek has the skills required to calculate workload and complete staffing using the Cleaning Tasks, Tools and Time Standards set by ISSA.

"An accurate and well-defined work route increases the quality, profitability, and efficiency of your housekeeping operations. A workload analysis is essential before modifying the work routes of your sanitation workers."



  • Time tracking

  • Travel graphs

  • Automatic alerts

  • Staff replacement monitoring

HBscan is a great tool for building managers who want  to monitor their maintenance and increase their efficiency.



In a context of rigorous financial and performance monitoring, ValkarTech has implemented a management and monitoring tool for maintenance activities. Its simplicity can vary according to the customer's needs. Our HBscan is an excellent tool for building managers who want to track the progress of their maintenance and increase their efficiency.

In particular, the HBscan can facilitate :


  • The progressive implementation of maintenance services

  • Detailed tracking of employee work time

  • Travel graphs and time distribution

  • Automated and customizable alerts

  • Security Alerts

  • Communication between employees

  • Follow-up of employee replacements

  • Analysis and compliance with performance criteria and work routes


Get detailed reports and stay in control of your operations!

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Managing teams that mainly work night shifts is complex. Because they often work alone, or in limited numbers, it is difficult to ensure rigorous monitoring of their performance but above all of their safety.


It is possible to include an alert function that activates when an employee remains motionless for too long. The alarm is first sent to the employee's device and then transferred after 30 seconds without response to the team leader on duty, with the employee's last known location.


Sometimes this may be an impromptu break, but sometimes it may be a more serious accident requiring rapid intervention by emergency services.

HBscan is a great solution to ensure the safety of employees working night shifts, often by themselves.

Facilitate communication between your employees

HBscan also allows employees to easily communicate between each other. By having all the functionalities on the same device, communications are facilitated and encourage productive exchanges related to the tasks to be performed.

Share your employees' schedules

Work schedules are also saved in the database. This represents another advantage for human resources management by allowing employees to easily view their schedules and validate their availability as quickly as possible.

Depending on company policies, employees can annotate their absences or even resolve scheduling conflicts directly between themselves and exchange shifts.

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