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Travailleur dans une usine agroalimentaire


Whether in the dairy, beer, chocolate, ice cream or other sectors, agri-food industries are now committed in providing each individual with a quality product that meets the highest health standards.

To meet its client's expectations, ValkarTech develops specific programs to assist them in setting up a process of continuous improvement in risk and quality control. ValkarTech is present on a wide range of functions related to the agri-food industry such as quality control, process validation, human resources and many others. With its knowledge of the sector, its consultants are able to meet the requirements of clients.
In a labor market full of opportunities, ValkarTech is committed to offering a high level of service in accordance with its clients’ HR policy. The agri-food industry sector is a demanding and it is their responsibility to offer them a level of service close to excellence.
It is this mastery of the specificities and the knowledge of the constant evolution of this sector that allows Gestion HB to establish itself as a key partner.

Advice on quality management and risk

ValkarTech can develop safe approaches with its clients:

  • A personalized training program for its clients’ teams;  

  • Integrated risk management;  

  • Food safety management;  

  • Evaluation of its clients’ suppliers;  

  • The implementation of quality standards (ISO 9000, 22000);  

  • Support and / or validation of the HACCP approach;  

  • Training of its clients’ hygiene supervisors;

  • The design of new premises, new processes for obtaining a certification;  

  • Risk analysis for the design of a new product;  

  • The conception of hygiene procedures for equipment;  

  • The conception of plans from the point of view of food safety and monitoring of quality control.

Travailleur dans une usine agroalimentaire

ValkarTech brings together the skills for all its clients’ industrial projects, whatever the level of competence or services sought, namely :


  • Its strong expertise in the field of process automation and traceability;

  • Its flexibility and adaptability according to the constraints of its clients;  

  • Its technical skills enriched by its experience and knowledge of the field;

  • Its proximity to its clients, thanks to the regional locations;

  • Its ability to support its clients in their investments.


Travailleur dans une usine agroalimentaire

ValkarTech supports and advises agri-food entrepreneurs in the development and adaptation of their organizations.

From the strategic project to the operational accompaniment

An approach of specialists in each field

  • ValkarTech intervenes with the actors of the agrifood chains by relying on specialized consultants.

  • With a rich experience in agribusiness, ValkarTech supports companies and their leaders in their  development.

  • The agri-food industry produces consumer goods from products derived from agricultural and livestock products. Yogurts, cheeses, frozen dishes, pâtés, chocolate and other confectionery come from these companies.

  • There are eight major product groups: meat, dairy , sugar, processed food, cereal, oils, miscellaneous food products and beverages. All of its players must evolve and progress continuously.

  • The added value of ValkarTech consultants is to be able to adapt to the needs of their clients in order to meet the job requirements.

  • As a specialist in the sector, ValkarTech is able to test the technical and commercial level of candidates throughout the agri-food sector.

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