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Communicate Clearly and Gather Feedback

Opt for a neat, modern display with our e-ink screens. Eliminate faded or illegible paper registers. Our innovative, affordable solution makes it easy to keep track of cleaning operations, while enhancing your corporate image.


Battery-powered, with 5-year autonomy, the screens are automatically updated to show the exact time of the last cleaning! 


You can collect user feedback and react faster to improve your service in the most critical area of your building.

Epaper display for restroom cleaning

Enhanced Customer Experience & Greater Operation Supervision

Gather Feedback

Probe user satisfaction. We offer you a convenient way to stay connected with your customers while continuously improving your service in the most critical area of your building.

Digital Cleaning Log

Data is transmitted via our cloud platform and accessible at all times, guaranteeing a reliable record of cleaning frequencies for future reference.  

Clear Communication

To reassure customers, it pays to be transparent about cleaning operations. By showing that your establishment is committed to hygiene, you also encourage users to do their part and remain vigilant and respectful.

Feuille de présence et écran de satisfaction dans les toilettes

See the difference for yourself. On one side, you can see the most widespread method in use today - sheets of paper affixed to toilet entrances - while on the other, our original solution stands out for its elegance and simplicity.

By choosing our solution, you confirm your commitment to quality, state-of-the-art technology and professionalism. More than just an upgrade, it's a total transformation of your sanitary maintenance communication and validation system.

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