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Description of the workshop:

The main objective is to present the general objectives and concepts of sanitary maintenance and the desired result: a clean environment. This is done by looking at the different factors that affect the results such as: equipment (tools and products), organization and human resources (techniques). Each section aims to acquire basic knowledge about sanitary maintenance. This training workshop is useful to put the knowledge of your staff at the same level and to introduce more advanced training at the technical level.

Main elements of content :

  • Clean or dirty? Several factors at play

  • Role and obligations of the salubrist

  • Transmission of microorganisms and basic practices (hand washing and wearing gloves)

  • Basics: dusts, dirt, biofilms

  • Circle of Sinner

  • PH concepts

  • Cleaning products: cleansers, degreasers, scouring creams, acids, glass cleaners

  • Simdut 2015: hazard pictogram

  • Tools: microfibres, trapeze broom, trolley, bucket, etc.

  • Techniques and basic principles

  • Levels of maintenance: cleaning, disinfection, sanitation

Objectifs d’apprentissage: 

  • To sensitize each participant to the roles and responsibilities of an attendant assigned to the function of sanitary maintenance in a building according to the rules of the art.

  • Make managers aware of the notions of hygiene and sanitation as well as the accessories and equipment that must be used and why.

  • To give the basic notions on today's techniques and to eliminate the old practices.


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