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Gestion HB stands out in the management of hygiene and sanitation in this environment, because we understand the needs and issues related to it. Our ability to execute mandates with diligence and rigour is what has propelled us among the best in the industry.

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Gestion HB’s comprehensive building maintenance management service is available to building owners and managers in all industries. Traditionally included in the building’s equipment maintenance part, the management of building hygiene requires sharp expertise from a specialized firm.

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Whether it is to negotiate or renegotiate agreements with maintenance companies, or simply to define the list of needs regarding the maintenance of buildings, professional services for the creation of tender specifications offered by Gestion HB allow its clients to obtain personalized support and find the maintenance company that will meet their expectations while respecting their budgets.

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From audits to master plans, Gestion HB provides the keys to success, expertise and innovation in transforming all aspects of hygiene and sanitation.

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Once completed, these tasks can then be closed through the system and a report can be sent. Its software can also analyze the time and movements to ensure that its clients’ employees have the necessary time to execute their workplan.

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For business leaders wanting to accelerate it, the use of mentoring remains an excellent resource to better see the actors mobilize. As the markets are increasingly competitive and complex, Gestion HB offers its expertise in hygiene and sanitation as well as a wide range of solutions and tools to guide business leaders.

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We offer our clients solutions in order to help structure and plan for the future of your business in hygiene and sanitation, but we also help our clients draw up their strategic vision, carry out  the various relevant choices required, write up the strategic roadmap and prepare its implementation by offering all the necessary tools.

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Gestion HB supports facility managers who wish to ensure that prevention and safety are at the heart of their concern to enable their serviced population to live in a safe place that respects the various laws and standards that govern them.

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Gestion HB supports building managers who want to restructure the hygienic and sanitary aspect of their buildings. Its hygiene and restructuring management service ensures its clients benefit from the latest methods and technologies available on the market to improve the work processes.

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Gestion HB will implement an integrated process to support clients during the change process required to optimize company resources and achieve operational excellence in hygiene and sanitation.

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