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Staying ahead of the curve pays off!

Agri-food, food production and manufacturing, as well as distribution and retailing, are among the most regulated industries, and this is certainly a good thing.

However, it is not enough to implement a set of procedures, work instructions, quality control and quality assurance programs to prevent non-compliance or customer complaints.

Do you want to operate more efficiently and increase your revenues? Do you want to be able to react before problems, complaints and non-compliances occur?

To achieve this, you must stay ahead of all the requirements, norms and standards to which you must conform to. Investing in quality and compliance remains one of the best insurance policy you can have.

Obviously, it is a rigorous exercise, but once you manage to implement it, it allows you to:

  • See more clearly and maintain a better overview of regulatory changes that may impact your business, operations, processes, supply chain, import-export activities, etc;

  • Avoid unnecessary costs and financial penalties;

  • Operate more smoothly and efficiently;

  • Produce at your own pace rather than spending time fixing problems;

  • Use your resources to contribute to continuous improvement rather than dealing with avoidable non-conformances too often;

  • Increase profitability.

ValkarTech offers several services to allow you to be proactive and maintain the quality of your products, but more importantly, the trust and satisfaction of your customers. How do we do this?

  • By reviewing and identifying the most critical requirements that govern your operations;

  • By validating the conformity of your technical data sheets;

  • By supporting you in the follow-up of the regulatory requirements to achieve harmonious transitions;

  • Helping you optimize your quality control processes and offering targeted QA training;

  • By reviewing your sanitation management system;

  • By auditing your labelling;

  • By identifying any potential pitfalls.

A single product recall or withdrawal will cost you much more than all the measures you can put in place to prevent it. There is no doubt that the cost and time invested in prevention is worth much more than the time spent on correction!

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