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The Value of International Cleaners Day

Nowadays, there are dedicated days for just about everything! On June 15, we celebrate International Cleaners Day which was created in 2019. Indeed, the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have established this day to recognize and celebrate the essential work of housekeepers.

Although poorly recognised, the role of the janitorial staff is of crucial importance for a number of reasons.

Disease Prevention:

Housekeepers play a crucial role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases by keeping spaces clean and hygienic, making it difficult for germs to survive on surfaces.

The housekeeping attendant may have saved your camping weekend by meticulously cleaning the door handles full of gastroenteritis virus that a sick user contaminated this morning...…Good thing the housekeeping attendant took care of it!


By eliminating potential hazards such as spills, cleaners help reduce the risk of accidents such as slips and falls.

You're walking briskly to your office when you see the "Caution wet floor" sign. Ten minutes ago, that floor could have sent you straight to the emergency room if you'd slipped on coffee spilled by a colleague in a hurry... Good thing the housekeeping attendant was mindful!

Improving Well-Being:

Their contribution helps to create more pleasant and comfortable living and working environments, which considerably improves buildings' occupants' well-being.

You're walking through a shopping mall and the premises are clean, free of debris and dirt, despite the constant flow of shoppers... Good thing the housekeeping attendants are always around!

Contributing to the Organization's Image:

A clean, well-maintained space enhances the image and reputation of organizations, contributing to a welcoming environment for customers and visitors.

Standing in the waiting room of a Notary's office, you take the time to examine the premises... You notice the cleanliness of the room, the carpet is impeccable, and there's no dust on the furniture. You sense the attention to detail and this is reflected in your opinion of this office, you perceive a level of professionalism and you feel confident. Good thing the housekeeping attendant is dedicated!

Psychological Relief:

A clean and tidy environment can improve people's mental and psychological well-being, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

You're visiting a friend's office in a building other than your own. The offices are not as well maintained as yours. You spot a lack of cleanliness. You immediately say to yourself that you'd rather work in your building than here! Good thing the housekeeping attendant in your building is meticulous!

Although critical, the work of cleaners is often undervalued and unnoticed.

By celebrating this day, we are helping to increase recognition and respect for these dedicated and professional people, whose work is essential to the smooth running of our society. It can also lead to better working conditions and greater appreciation of their contribution to their communities and employers.

Finally, this day of recognition also serves to raise public awareness of the challenges and risks faced by these workers. These include the health risks associated with exposure to cleaning chemicals, as well as the physical challenges associated with tasks that are often repetitive and demanding.

From the entire ValkarTech team, thank you to every employee involved in the commercial cleaning industry who are working hard to keep our offices, schools and businesses cleaner, and to provide us with healthier, more pleasant environments!

At ValkarTech, we see the results of your efforts every day! Thank you for your continued dedication!


Why not give them the visibility they deserve? Discover how our E-ink display screen can transform the way you recognize and appreciate your cleaning teams. By integrating these screens into your buildings, you show your employees and visitors that you value the work of housekeepers. In doing so, you raise their status and make everyone aware of the importance of their role.

Écran E-Ink affichant l'heure du dernier nettoyage

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