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Workshop Description :

This advanced training approach will allow you to train a small core of employees (2-3 people) in floor upgrades. Lack of knowledge and know-how about floor care can greatly damage your floor coverings, therefore a hands-on training session held in your building allows for the integration of know-how and tips otherwise difficult to teach.


The main objective of this advanced training is to fill in some of the required knowledge and to carry out stripping and waxing in one or two rooms of your establishment with the participation of your employees for the integration of advanced know-how in the floor leveling.

Main Elements of Content :

  • A evaluation your floor types and planning the rooms that will serve for practices (1-2 rooms).

  • The validation of tools, products and the condition of equipment already in place or to be ordered.

  • A theoretical session to prepare for the field practice.

  • A practical session during which the know-how is integrated with the help of an experienced person.

  • Follow-up coaching to help for further upgrades.

Learning Objectives :

  • Make an inventory of your floor types.

  • Plan the work to be carried out.

  • Validate the tools, products (strippers, waxes) and equipment necessary for the task.

  • Theoretical session on the knowledge required for floor maintenance.

  • Practical execution of the work in integration of the training.

Upcoming Dates :

  • On demand

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